Oxygen Concentrators

Nellcor 590 OCI

Invacare 5LXO2

Oxygen Concentrators take normal room air and, using a series of sieves, filters, and a compressor, remove the Nitrogen from the air, thereby increasing the oxygen content of the resulting air to up to 96%. They are used by patients with chronic respiratory ailments. The resulting concentrated oxygen is then delivered via an output tube from the unit to either an oxygen mask, tracheotomy mask or connector, or to a nasal cannula. A flow adjustment knob on the front panel controls oxygen output in liters/minute and allows adjustment from 0.5 or 1.0 up to 5.0 liters/minute, depending on the particular model. The Invacare Model 5LXO2 also has the added feature of an oxygen sensor which provides information on the actual % concentration of oxygen being produced by the unit.

Oxygen concentrators run on AC power and are normally used in clinical situations where the patient is bedridden or immobile at least part of the time, to conserve more portable oxygen tanks. They have a nine-volt battery which powers an alarm in case the AC plug is disconnected during operation, and have automatic low and high-pressure and overheating alarms and shut-offs. Most models will also alarm if oxygen percentage drops below a certain level, usually at about 73% .

Most oxygen concentrators are about 2 feet in height and weigh over 50 pounds due to the necessary weight of the compressor, and are enclosed in box-like plastic housings that are impact- and fire-resistant. Service is required on a timed interval based upon the unit’s actual usage, which is measured on an hourly-usage counter.

The popular Nellcor Companion 590 series has recently been replaced by the Aeris 590. Identical in exterior appearance, the Aeris 590 features some internal improvements over the Companion, including a modular sieve bed that makes service easier, a new valve design for quieter operation, and lighter weight.

Must ship with a christmas tree adapter (part # 014-015), which is used to attach disposable tubing to the concentrator.

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