Pulse Oximeters

Pulse Oximeters are monitors that provide real-time measurement of a patient’s pulse rate and arterial oxygen saturation (the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood’s hemoglobin, expressed as a percentage; normal is in the high 90’s). A disposable or reusable probe is placed on the patient’s finger (optional probes can be used on ear or tongue for some units.) The probe emits an infrared light from one side of the finger and captures the residual light that passes throught he finger on the other side. The probe transmits this data to the monitor, which calculates the oxygen saturation of the blood. Used for patients with respiratory problems, and is required by law whenever a patient is under anesthesia. Note that these pulse oximeters measure Functional oxygen saturation, which is oxygenated hemoglobin expressed as a percentage of the hemoglobin that is capable of transporting oxygen. In contrast, some other laboratory instruments, such as blood gas analyzers or CO-oximeters, report Fractional oxygen saturation, which also measures dysfunctional hemoglobin. It is therefore not likely that the readings from these devices and the ones on a pulse oximeter will agree.

Nellcor PB N-200 Pulse Oximeter (NPN-200)

Portable units, about 8 lb., both the Nellcor 180 and 200 provide continuous, noninvasive, self-calibrated measurement of oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Clinician will attach a probe to the finger of the patient, and unit will automatically calculate readings within a few seconds. Model 200 can be physically separated into two pieces, with the power base in one unit, and sensors that communicate information back and forth to the other section. Model 200 requires a preamp cable to attach the finger sensor; sensor plugs directly into the Model 180.

The Nellcor 200 pulse oximeter can record oximetry history, which can be extracted via the rear serial port using Nellcor’s SCORE software program (part # E-0004530). Note that only model 200s with a monitor (front section) revision of 30 and a power base (rear section) revision of 27, or better, will be able to interface with the software. An upgrade package (# 040479) is available from Nellcor.

Nellcor PB N-180 Pulse Oximeter (PBN-180)

Device testing: full calibration requires Nellcor PT2500 test unit, which simulates normal heartbeat and O2 saturation and allows testing of alarms by enabling both high and low pulse rate and oxygen saturation. In the absence of this unit, alarms can be tested by raising and lowering alarm thresholds using the turn wheel on the device face. Electrical safety measurements must then be performed. Examine case for evidence of physical damage. For full preventive maintenance procedures, refer to the service manual pages included. Rechargeable battery requires 14 hours of recharge time, but unlike model 180, will still work with discharged battery on AC power. Fully-charged, will operate on battery power for approximately 90 minutes. Model 180 has no preamp cable.

Common problems: Turning the power switch on and off in very fast succession will cause temporary power switch failure. Colored nail gloss on patients finger may affect measurements. Battery has 2-year life, needs to be replaced when low or outdated. Clips which hold two sections together break easily; volatile cleaning solutions can damage sensors which communicate between front and back segments. Wires in cables can be overflexed, causing opens.

Nellcor NPB-75 Capnograph/Pulse Oximeter

The NPB-75 is a handheld device for measuring proportion of both CO2 (capnography) and oxygen saturation (oximetry) in mechanically-ventilated and spontaneously breathing patients. Shows graphical trends and plethysmographic waveform (changes in size of organs and extremities as measured by blood volume variations.) Screen displays include CO2 and waveform, etCO2 (end tidal or exhaled Carbon Dioxide), SpO2 (% blood oxygen saturation), pulse rate, respiration rate, and trend data. Runs on AC power or on rechargeable DC battery, which will run from 3-6 hours with a 4.5 hour recharge. Can use the same sensor probes as the N-180 and N-200 pulse oximeters.

Standard Accessories,

AC Cable
Preamp cable (200 only)
DS100A Adult Sensor Probe

Disposable Accessories

NPD-25 Adult Sensors
NPD-20 Pediatric Sensors

Disposable Accessories
for NPB-75 (Capnography)

Filter Line (OR/EMS) #060270    25/box
Filter LIne (ICU)         #060271    25/box
Microstream Airway Adapter (Adult)   # 060275

For non-intubated patients only:
Adult Nasal filter line        # 060272      25/bx
Pediatric Nasal filter line  # 060273      25/bx
Neonatal Nasal filter line  # 060274     25/bx

Suggested substitutions: NPB-290, N-3000